Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today, I finally sat down for lunch after being up and about getting everyone's food on the table. As we were all eating Cora, out of the blue says...

Cora: Mommy, I found a crunchy today.
Me: That's nice honey. What did you do with it?
Cora: I put it in your water.
Me to Ryan: Please look
Ryan: *looks* Let me just get you a new glass of water.

Oh ... in our house "nose goblins" are "crunchies".

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Cora requested hot chocolate on the way home from daycare today. Alllll the way home. So, once home I got her some cocoa ready. While I was prepping her beverage she engaged in a recent favorite game; namely grabbing the dog's favorite chew toy and running amok in the house with him following behind.

After a few minutes of waiting for one or both of them to wear out, I told Cora "Your hot chocolate is getting cold, you'd better come drink it". To which she replied (as she ran by) "Playyyying mommmm.... playyyyying here..... can't have chocolate." The busy life of a multitasking toddler.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1-24-10 #2

At our house the rule for Cora is no TV/movies during mealtimes. Tonight we made an exception - for daddy. The Vikings/Saints playoffs were on. However, after daddy leaned around one too many times to check the score or recent play Cora informed him:
"Daddy - its time to turn off your movie now and eat you dinner." Busted.


*In the car as we're driving home from running errands*

Cora: Mommy, we don't eat houses.
Me: (slightly puzzled) That's right, we don't.
Cora: If we did, we would get sick and have to go to the doctor, and then the doctor would look at our throat and say 'You very sick' and we'd have to get medicine and if we were good we'd get a Handy Manny sticker.
Me: I think all of that sounds about right.
Cora: So that's why we don't eat houses.
Me: Ok
Cora: You got it mom? We don't eat houses.
Me: Got it. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Cora to Ryan after dinner: Daddy, can you do me a favor?
Ryan: Sure honey, what do you need?
Cora: Can you pick up all my toys? Ok? Thanks. (toddles off).

Oldies But Goodies

Me after Cora got out of the bath: Honey do you need some lotion?
Cora: No, I just need some chocolate

Ryan: *angry noises after someone pulled out in front of him*
Cora: Don't get frustrated Daddy. Just keep trying, ok?

Me: *trying to tickle Cora while she is firmly engrossed in the movie "G-Force"*
Cora: Settle down mommy, just settle down. Settle down.

Summit: *licks Cora's hands after I let her have one last bite of cookie dough*
Cora: Summit! You ate the.last.chocolate from my hands. GO TO YOUR PILLOW!

Me: *sitting addressing our New Year's Cards*
Cora: What are you doing mommy?
Me: I'm writing on these notes
Cora: Oh are you doing some paperwork? Ok.
(Who the heck taught her about "paperwork"??)

Cora: *crying*
Me: What Happened?
Cora: I hurt my foot
Me: Well come let me see it
Cora: (through tears) You prob'ly gotta be a doctor.
(Well fine.)

When I asked Cora (while we were playing) if she had a dirty diaper she did not even break her stride by simply saying "Nope. You wanna smell?" while backing up to me. I think Ryan almost peed his pants laughing.

Why Are We Here

A very fair question for you to ask. The answer is simple... humor, joy, fun and my simple pride as a mom. My kid seems to indeed say the darnedest things. I would often post these as Facebook statuses but realized that I should be doing something to save these for later. You know, so I can totally embarrass her in her teen years.

So - I hope you enjoy these, but if not... I know I sure will!