Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oldies But Goodies

Me after Cora got out of the bath: Honey do you need some lotion?
Cora: No, I just need some chocolate

Ryan: *angry noises after someone pulled out in front of him*
Cora: Don't get frustrated Daddy. Just keep trying, ok?

Me: *trying to tickle Cora while she is firmly engrossed in the movie "G-Force"*
Cora: Settle down mommy, just settle down. Settle down.

Summit: *licks Cora's hands after I let her have one last bite of cookie dough*
Cora: Summit! You ate the.last.chocolate from my hands. GO TO YOUR PILLOW!

Me: *sitting addressing our New Year's Cards*
Cora: What are you doing mommy?
Me: I'm writing on these notes
Cora: Oh are you doing some paperwork? Ok.
(Who the heck taught her about "paperwork"??)

Cora: *crying*
Me: What Happened?
Cora: I hurt my foot
Me: Well come let me see it
Cora: (through tears) You prob'ly gotta be a doctor.
(Well fine.)

When I asked Cora (while we were playing) if she had a dirty diaper she did not even break her stride by simply saying "Nope. You wanna smell?" while backing up to me. I think Ryan almost peed his pants laughing.

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