Saturday, February 27, 2010


The paci fairy came yesterday so tonight was night two sans pacifier (or if you're Cora, "facifier") so drifting off to bed is taking a little more time than usual.  After going up there to tell her she needed to quiet down and concentrate on sleeping (instead of singing or playing with her animals) this was our convo:

Cora:  I have an owie Mommy
Me:  Where honey?
Cora:  On my hand.
Me:  *kisses little hand*
Cora:  I have an owie on my butt too
Me: (trying not to laugh)  Well mommy is not gonna kiss your butt right now
Cora:  Can you put some butter on it?
Me:  Put butter on your butt??
Cora:  Yeah.
Me:  Well lets think about that for tomorrow morning - its night night time right now

The only thing I can think of is that she confused "butt paste" with "butter"  :D

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