Monday, March 1, 2010


Sometimes not all memorable conversations are happy ones.  The "paci fairy" came to our house this past Friday.  We'd been doing really well understanding that the fairy took Cora's paci's to a new little baby who didn't have any and left her Bibs (a stuffed kitty cat) and Jazzy (a pink stuffed pony with a sparkly halter) instead.  But, on this, the 4th night, the reality sunk in when Daddy went to kiss a little girl goodnight.

Cora:  Daddy, I wanna go home
Ryan:  Honey you are home.
Cora:  No I mean home, home.
Ryan:  Honey this is home, home.  This is where we live.
Cora:  Can I have a drink?
Ryan:  Honey you already had your bedtime drink with mommy.  Its time for bed.
Cora:  (getting teary eyed) I want my paci
Ryan: Oh but honey the paci fairy took all our pacis remember?  And she left your really cool kitty and horsie.
Cora:  I don't want them.  I want the fairy to come take them back and bring me my paci.
Ryan:  But you're a big girl now and you're so very good at being a big girl!
Cora:  (tears) I don't want to be a big girl daddy.

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