Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We're doing the new baby's nursery in a Paris theme.  Those of you that know me know its long been my dream to visit.  Cora and I were sitting in the new baby's room this weekend and she pointed to some wooden block letters spelling out the city of lights:

Cora:  What dat say mommy?
Me: That says Paris
Cora: What a Paris for?
Me: Paris is a beautiful city we'll visit someday.
Cora:  (excited) Can we go now mommy?
Me:  No, its very, very far away. We'd have to get on an airplane and fly for a long time to get to Paris.  We'll have to plan a trip to Paris someday but we won't be able to go anytime really soon, ok?
Cora:  (sigh)  Mommy, we're not never gonna get to go to Paris.
Me:  I know how you feel honey.

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