Monday, March 8, 2010


While we have a 3-stall garage, our driveway narrows to a "Y" about 10 feet from the street (a very odd and much hated neighborhood covenant).  Ryan does not love it when I accidentally go onto the grass when trying to get into my spot - the first stall on the right (which necessitates some fancy dancing with a full size SUV).  Upon coming home last night, our visiting relatives had parked in the driveway, so to get to my garage I had to drive off onto the grass much to Ryan's dismay.   So last night as I rocked with a sleepy Cora, this is what I got:

Cora:  Mommy you were naughty and drove on the grasses.
Me:  Well Daddy was just teasing when he said mommy was naughty.
Cora:  But you're not supposed to drive on the grasses.
Me:  (sigh)  Yes, that's true, you're right.  I should  not drive on the grasses and I told Daddy I was sorry.
Cora:  And he said "Its ok accidents happen?"
Me:  Something like that, yes.
Cora:  And you'll never do it again, right mommy?
Me: I'll never do it again.
Cora:  You promise?
Me:  I promise.
Cora:  Is that the truth mommy?
Me:  That's the truth.
Cora:  Got it.  Ok mommy.

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