Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today was a double feature of fun Cora-isms on the way to 'school'.

First was the comment I was not expecting quite so soon:

Cora:  Daddy - will you teach me how to drive your this car?
Ryan:  Lets talk about that in a few more years, ok?

And then, Cora requested this:

Cora:  Mommy, can we listen to that music we listened to last week [ed note: everything is "last week" - in this case she means yesterday]
Me:  Which one honey?
Cora:  The one about "three more ice"
Me:  {puzzled}  Can you sing some for me
Cora:  {sings}  Three more ice, three more ice

At that point I realize she is talking about our nursery rhymes CD and the song "Three Blind Mice"  LOL

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