Monday, July 5, 2010


In honor of our weeks and weeks with no major accidents, I give you - the poop dialogues.  These are taken from several days in the past few weeks:

"Mom - there are a LOT of poops in my butt.  They need to go for a swim"

"Wow mom lookit all those poops.  There's a baby one, a mommy one, a daddy one, a Nana one ...."  (this went on through multiple family members)

{grunting} "Mom - its gonna be a big one!"

"Wow poops smell awful mom.  Wanna smell?"

"Daddy!  Come here, come here - look at my HUGE poop!" (this was yelled through the house)

"Mommy, we don't poop on people huh?  That would be really naughty!"

"The poops need to go from my butt, to the back of my butt, then into the toilet huh mom?"

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