Monday, August 23, 2010


I often hear Cora talk about her little friends from daycare in different contexts so that is nothing new.  However this morning it was the context that took me a little by surprise

Cora:  Your [wedding] ring is pretty mom
Me:  Thanks honey.
Cora:  Can I wear it?
Me:  Well, yes, but just for a second ok? This is very special to Mommy.
Cora: [tries it on, then hands it back]
Me:  You know someday when you grow up, you will meet a person you really, really like a lot and then that person will give you a ring kinda like this one and you'll get married.
Cora:  Someone I like a lot?
Me: Yep
Cora:  Like Brady?
Me:  [struggling to stay calm] Well do you really, really like Brady?
Cora: Yeahhhhh
Me:  Well then yes, maybe you and Brady will get married someday.  When you get much, much, much older.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


This morning Milly stirred at around 5:30 - a half hour before Daddy gets out of the shower dressed and pressed.  So, I brought Milly to bed with me and got to fall back asleep with a precious angel holding my hand tightly. 


Then after Daddy came and got Milly, I crept into Cora's room and laid down next to her. Without her opening an eye I heard a soft "I love you mom" from out of the dark. 



Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Cora:  I spilled my milk at big girl school today
Me:  You did?  That's a bummer
Cora:  Yeah and then when I was goin to the baf'room I tripped a little.
Me: Wow I'm sorry to hear that!
Cora:  I told Mr. Robert "I think I'm havin' a rough day".
Me: And what did Mr. Robert say?
Cora:  Nothing.  He was just laughin.