Saturday, October 30, 2010


We've been having some windy nights here (and I mean WINDY).  And since we all but live in the middle of a huge field (a new development with few neighbors so far) we get the full brunt of the wind's fury.  The other night was such a night, and Cora was waking constantly - about every 20-30 mins.  Around 11pm I went into her room for the umpteenth time:

Cora:  (through tears) Mommy can you make it stop?
Me:  No sweetie.  Mommies can do a lot of things but the wind is God's domain.  Remember how we talked about how he made the trees and the sky and the breezes?  But what I can do is say a little prayer to Him for you that the wind will die down.
Cora:  (after a pause) God, can you please make the wind be quiet.  Thank you.  It's Cora.

That was her first spontaneous prayer ever said.

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