Monday, April 18, 2011


Time for some new Milly-isms!!

Milly was doing well with about 5-6 words, than a couple of months ago shut down everything but "Uh oh". Which she used for everything. All.The.Time.

Just this past week she's back on the stick and saying lots of new things - just parroting for the most part, no real recall with a few exceptions.  The things she does "get" are:
Mo (more)
Baba (bottle)
Coco (Cora - for a while this was "Boppo" [??] but now we've caught on)
Bah (ball)
Tank Ew (thank you)
Aaah Booo (love you)
Nigh-Nigh (night night - means she wants to go to bed)
Hi Dere (which is what she says when she wants to be picked up - its too cute...she'll come toddling over, grab my pant leg, look up and me and say Hi Dere!
Smitten )

She is also now nodding or shaking her head to let us know what she wants.  For instance if I say "Are you all done?"  She'll nod and raise her arms to get out of her high chair.  If I ask "Do you want more?" she'll shake her head 'no'.

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  1. Go little miss Milly! She's got such a great vocab all ready. :)