Saturday, June 18, 2011


This morning as we were rushing to get out the door, I decided to check Cora's "school" calendar.  Since she's in a new room we're still getting used to the communication there.  Just as Ryan was getting the girls into my car (I take them in to daycare now since he works right near our home) I noticed this morning was "Breakfast With Dad" at Cora's school.   Doh  I ran out to the garage, pulled him aside and told him.  He was so frustrated - he wanted to go, but this new job has him running in circles, and he'd be about an hour late to work if he went (her school is all the way downtown where I work).  He thought for a second and said "I can't - can you go in and eat with her?"  I was crushed for her, but said "sure".  I ran back inside to get my coffee and when I came out Ryan was bent down by Cora's chair.  She had tears just rolling down her cheeks but wasn't making any sound.  When I asked her what was wrong, quiet as a churchmouse she said "Today is father's day and daddy can't come.  I made him a present and now it will be all by itself."    Overreact  (we need a "stabbing me in the heart icon"!!)   At that point, thank God, Ryan stood up and said - "Hold on honey... let me go change my shirt.  Mommy can you get Cora buckled into my truck?"   Cora said "But daddy won't your boss be mad?"  He just looked at her and said "I don't know.  But daughters come before bosses and we have some breakfast to get to."    Cheer Cheer Cheer  I am so proud of my husband today!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last night I was tucking Cora into bed and she didn't want to let of my neck.  She said "No mom, please don't go".  I told her I had to go downstairs and finish up my "mommy works".  She asked what that meant...

Me: Well I have to do the dishes, wipe up the table, clean off the counter, and lots of other things
Cora:  Wow.  Being a mommy is realllly boring.
Me:  Nah.  Being a mommy has great parts - like having kiddos like you and Milly.  Those are the really great parts.  But yeah, the cleaning parts aren't so much fun.  But, they're my job!  Sometimes we all have to do things we don't like doing.
Cora:  Well, when I'm a mommy I'm not going to do those things.  I'm just going to play with my kids!