Monday, November 21, 2011


I have a 19 month old addicted to.... GUM. When I pick her up from daycare she comes running, jumps smiling into my arms... and then stuffs her fingers in my mouth, tilts her head coquettishly sideways, and says "Chew-Chew? Chew-Chew?" If I do not have said 'chew-chew' life is devastatingly horrid and she lays her head on my shoulder sobbing. If I say "we'll get some chew chew in the car" suddenly all is right with the world and she demands to head out the door asap. Once she has a small bit of gum she will chew it for HOURS and will occasionally yell from the backseat "MOM! MOM! {sounding like someone from Long Island} I ha' chew-chew!" She will yell this until I acknowledge this wonder. This has gone on for weeks. Only my kids.

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