Friday, March 9, 2012


Milly's vocab has really been taking off and she surprised us last night by starting to point out letters (and getting them mostly right!) in one of her coloring books.  So in honor of our little smarty pants, some of her cute goings on lately:

Me:  {sneezes}
Milly:  B'ess 'ou mommy.

Me: Milly, time to change your diaper
Milly:  Hmm.  No.  No want it. {walks away}

Milly: {from somewhere in the house}  '[C]ome on!  Ome on mommy!  Ome on!  In here.
Me: {tracking her down to the pantry in the dark - turn on the light and pick her up}  And what exactly did I need to come in her for?
Milly:  Mi'ee {Milly} need a 'nack.  Yes.  That 'nack.  {pointing to the fruit snacks}