Friday, June 29, 2012


This evening as we were discussing stuff and things Cora told me that:

"I can pick up anything.  I mean, well, anything but a giant.  That'd just be silly."

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Milly gets a "marshow" (marshmallow) if/when she'll go in the potty.  The most often time this occurs is while she's getting undressed for her bath.  Tonight she came down and told me she needed a "marshow".  Now, Milly did not finish - or even really engage with - her dinner this evening. So the corresponding rule is "no dinner, no treats."  Thusly, I asked her dad if she really had gone in the potty.  He said "I don't know to tell you the truth. It was too loud with the water running.  I'll just go get her one."  As he walked away toward the pantry little miss naked-out-of-the-bath did a little circle dance and sung out "I WIN! I WIN!"   Oy vey.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today is the birthday of my beautiful, smart, sweet, kind, tender-hearted Cora.  Above is her journey so far from NB - Age 5.  I can't hardly believe its been five years.  Today was a challenge for mom - one that many of you are used to.  Work mom versus home mom.  Today, of all days, the head of all things legal for my very large company (my boss's, boss's, boss's boss!) came into town and invited our team out to dinner.  I had to decide:  Go home to my birthday girl, or go to the dinner.  Hopefully Cora will never know how long I agonized over this decision or how much guilt I wrestled with while making it. 

In the end, Ryan and I decided I needed to go to the dinner.  We had had Cora's party this last weekend with all her little buddies.  So this morning we opened her remaining birthday gift at breakfast (an Easy Bake Oven and all the accoutrements).  Not as exciting as the Barbie Bike, but still a good one.  Then she got a day with Meme and Poppi who brought her downtown to my work so we could all go to lunch together.  She wore a beauiful dress she got for her big day, ordered cheese pizza, ate one slice, stole my pickle spear and most of my french fries, and then was the recipient of a slice of chocolate cake complete with candle from the waitress. :)   After lunch she went off with Meme to a local splash park that has a carousel as well.  As she walked out the revolving glass doors of my company holding Meme's hand, she turned and waved at me one last time.  I hope all she was expereincing was joy and excitement - mommy was, on the other hand, feeling a little blue.   Happy birthday my wonderful, wonderful girl!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today we celebrated Cora's birthday.  We gave her the Barbie Bike she's wanted.  While she was finishing up opening the rest of her presents, Ryan snuck out the garage and put the bike on the patio.

While Cora was still opening and sorting through her last present, Milly saw the bike out the sliding glass doors.  Suddenly all we can hear, getting louder and louder each time is:  Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle! BICYCLE! ITS A BICYCLE!!  Luckily Cora is used to ignoring her little sister, so I finally told her "Cora - what the heck is Milly saying?"

She finally turned around and saw it and FREAKED OUT.  I sure wish we'd caught it all on camera. She looked the bike, looked at us, mouth gaping, then asked "Is that for ME?"  I nodded, and told her "Happy Birthday Sweetheart".  It was a priceless moment, and I WISH we would have been smart enough to get it on tape!