Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today we celebrated Cora's birthday.  We gave her the Barbie Bike she's wanted.  While she was finishing up opening the rest of her presents, Ryan snuck out the garage and put the bike on the patio.

While Cora was still opening and sorting through her last present, Milly saw the bike out the sliding glass doors.  Suddenly all we can hear, getting louder and louder each time is:  Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle! BICYCLE! ITS A BICYCLE!!  Luckily Cora is used to ignoring her little sister, so I finally told her "Cora - what the heck is Milly saying?"

She finally turned around and saw it and FREAKED OUT.  I sure wish we'd caught it all on camera. She looked the bike, looked at us, mouth gaping, then asked "Is that for ME?"  I nodded, and told her "Happy Birthday Sweetheart".  It was a priceless moment, and I WISH we would have been smart enough to get it on tape!

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