Sunday, July 22, 2012


Cora tonight:  "I love God.  I think she [I love she calls God a she] is beautiful. I love her so much I'd love to go live with her!"

Ummmm ok, but can that wait a while?  Like a looooong while please!?
Number two from Cora tonight: Milly bonked her mouth tonight and it bled a fair bit. Cora asked to say her prayer tonight with no one watching her. But we could hear it "God, please let Milly's lip feel better by tomorrow because she's my sister and I love her."
And finally one from Milly.  My mom and I got ourselves in a bit of pickle as Cora overheard us telling Milly she was soooo cute.  Cora asked what SHE was. I told her she was beautiful.  My mom added that big girls are beautiful and little girls are cute.  Milly looked at my mom and said "MeMe!  I beautiful TOO!"  You go girlfriend.

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