Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last night Cora was having a rough go getting to sleep. It was a combination of a late nap butting up against bedtime and getting over being sick and going stircrazy.  So we gave her a small dose of melatonin (nectar of the gods for sleep deprived parents) and this was what she told me:

Cora:  Mom, do you know how melatonin works?
Me:  I'm curious. How?
Cora:  He travels up to your brain, and all your bad dreams, he throws them in the trash can.  The dreams you want to keep, he just holds on to them forever.  Or if you want none dreams that night, he puts them on a self in the pantry of your brain to save for later. Because that's where we put the food we don't eat right away - in the pantry.  And we save it for later.  Because if we ate it all at once we'd be out of food and that would be sad.

Sad indeed.

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