Sunday, December 16, 2012


I, like most of the country, have had a hard time coming to grips with what happend Friday in Newton, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I can't even imagine what those parents are going through.  It's something that, at the request of my husband and family, I finally had to make myself stop thinking about, at least for a few moments at a time, so I could function.  

This morning it was my morning to "sleep in".  About 7:20 I heard small feet go running down the hallway downstairs yelling "I help you daddy! I help tooooo". I just chuckled and rolled over. Then, about 20 minutes later, I had a bigger small person touching my face. I opened my eyes to find a plate full of scrambled eggs and the two biggest, reddest strawberries I'd ever seen. Oh. And this. 

I don't think I have ever felt more blessed than I do this morning. I. am. so. lucky.

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