Monday, December 3, 2012


Well - this is not the email I expected to get from Cora's school this morning:

Subject line:  Kissing {note my heart skipped a beat here already}

Thought you both might enjoy this. Had to email you before I forgot the details. J J

We are drawing our favorite thing to do at night. Cora started off by drawing stars in the sky and said she likes to look at the stars. Then she drew two people with big fish lips sticking out. She told me that it is her mommy and daddy. Here is what she said.

Cora: “This is my mommy and daddy kissing downstairs. They go downstairs after we sleep and kiss. They lick each other.”
Me: “Do they know this is what you think they do?”
Cora: “No, I spy on them.”

This would be perfect for your blog. J J J I can’t stop laughing.

Oh perfect indeed.  And so now I sit here thinking how to explain to her teacher, without sounding like "I doth protest too much" that we are quite sure Cora has never seen anything inappropriate and that, while we may steal a smooch or two while tidying up and doing chores after the kids are in bed, most evenings are spent with me knitting away and hubby playing video games.  Much less interesting!!  :D

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