Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sometimes Miss Milly will not particularly tell us the truth when we ask about her, ahem, diaper status. Which leads us to resort to the sniff test.  Which then led to this today:

Cora: "It's kind of in'propriate to smell someone else's bottom parts when they're pooping mom." 

Ummmm ok can't argue with that...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


When Linda (Milly's care provider) mentioned on our way out that she was tired, Milly yelled after her "Yaya, you hab a good weekend. And you get some sleep ok? Go take a nap Yaya." LOL

I also love Milly's newfound love of (and misuse of) the word "very"  With examples such as:

That ball is very over there.
We are very in the car.

Finally, Milly's responses to general questions are very thorough and are cracking me up - no one-word answers for this child.  For example, if I ask her "Milly did you eat your sister's gum?"  "No I did not."  or "Milly are you in the playroom?"  "Yes I am"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This past Sunday Milly was enjoying some playtime in the basement with her dad down there to supervise. As I was sitting on the couch knitting I suddenly heard:

"A wittle help... I need a wittle help here.  Ryan??"   

Then later at dinner Miss Cora got corrected by her dad for being a bit squirly at the table.  She looked down at her food, pushed it around with her fork and quietly announced:  "Awk-ward."   Oh my.