Monday, April 29, 2013


Milly was asked to use the bathroom before bed. She couldn't "go". She informed me: "Mommy the pee pees aren't comin' out. They're just busy. They're just busy right now. They'll come back later ok?"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I got a two-fer today.  First, my oldest:

As I was tucking her in tonight:
Cora: Mom, guess what I learned today?
Me: What's that?
Cora: When you go to jail, you are not allowed to shave. I mean they have shavers but you can't have them until your beard gets like way to down to here {gestures} and then they do it for you.
Me: {trying to sound nonchalant} Who told you that honey?
Cora: My teacher at daycare.

(By the way - I did try and ask her how that came up.  She told me "we read a book about it."  Ahhh ok.)

And the youngest's contribution:

Milly came home today still a bit sick, tired and CRANKY.  She also came home with a large blue fingerpainted blob on paper.  Trying to redirect the whiny, cranky, mess, I asked:

Me:  Milly!  This is beautiful!  Is this a pool?
 - to which she sullenly responded
Milly:  NO!  It's just BEW! [blue] 
- and stomped off

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Milly's birthday party was yesterday so she got lots of great toys.  Sister got an "unbirthday" present from Meme and Poppi that was a Hello Kitty make up set.  With the set came a bow-shaped ring with body glitter gel inside it. Cora was not a fan and graciously offered it to her little sister.  Milly now treats it as a sacred object.  She has a small purple and lime green gift bag that she carries around as a purse.  As she was huddled over it I overheard this:

Milly:  I put all my treasures in he-ow.  They are mine and I love them.

When she went on to something else I peeked inside.  It was the Sacred Ring, a blue button, and some barbie accouterments (one shoe, a place setting from the new Barbie Beach House) a business card and some other odds and ends.  But in the eyes of a newly minted 3 year old, they are treasures!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We've been telling Milly for weeks and weeks that three year olds cannot have pacis.  So today is the big day.  The Paci Fairy comes today.  So far that is going over like a ton of bricks.  While we were going around the house having her gather up her pacis she was bawling.  We got gems like these:

"No take my paci 'way from meeeee!"


"I no wanna be three anymo'!"


"No! I won't!"

It's gonna be a long night....