Sunday, April 14, 2013


Milly's birthday party was yesterday so she got lots of great toys.  Sister got an "unbirthday" present from Meme and Poppi that was a Hello Kitty make up set.  With the set came a bow-shaped ring with body glitter gel inside it. Cora was not a fan and graciously offered it to her little sister.  Milly now treats it as a sacred object.  She has a small purple and lime green gift bag that she carries around as a purse.  As she was huddled over it I overheard this:

Milly:  I put all my treasures in he-ow.  They are mine and I love them.

When she went on to something else I peeked inside.  It was the Sacred Ring, a blue button, and some barbie accouterments (one shoe, a place setting from the new Barbie Beach House) a business card and some other odds and ends.  But in the eyes of a newly minted 3 year old, they are treasures!

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