Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I got a two-fer today.  First, my oldest:

As I was tucking her in tonight:
Cora: Mom, guess what I learned today?
Me: What's that?
Cora: When you go to jail, you are not allowed to shave. I mean they have shavers but you can't have them until your beard gets like way to down to here {gestures} and then they do it for you.
Me: {trying to sound nonchalant} Who told you that honey?
Cora: My teacher at daycare.

(By the way - I did try and ask her how that came up.  She told me "we read a book about it."  Ahhh ok.)

And the youngest's contribution:

Milly came home today still a bit sick, tired and CRANKY.  She also came home with a large blue fingerpainted blob on paper.  Trying to redirect the whiny, cranky, mess, I asked:

Me:  Milly!  This is beautiful!  Is this a pool?
 - to which she sullenly responded
Milly:  NO!  It's just BEW! [blue] 
- and stomped off

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