Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I was ready to read a story to Milly - this is how it went down:

Me: Pick out a book honey
Milly: You can pick!
Me: I get to pick? Whatever I want?
Milly: Yes! You can pick!
Me: I piiiiiiiick THIS one (Guess How Much I Love You)
Milly: {grabbing the book} No. {fishing through the books - grabbing Good Morning Good Night} Here - dis is the one you meaned to pick.
Me: Ahhh. Yes. I see.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Oh we're in trouble. Milly was just using her chalk on the wall - I could SEE her. I told her "you better not be drawing on that wall Camilla!" She paused and said (very authoritatively) "Who's been drawing on this wall?! Cora! It was you! You clean it up!"


However she has her adorable moments as well.  For instance, when she thinks we're cross with her she will come over all smiles and say "Mommy... are you happy to me??"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Tonight was "exhibitor" night at the Iowa State Fair.  This year was the first year I had entered any of my knitting projects and so I was excited to go and see who got ribbons for what.  Right inside the door, we saw my mom's beautiful crochet shawl had gotten honorable mention!  As I went around I eventually found all four of my items.  None with any ribbons.  It was pretty disheartening as one in particular I really thought had a good chance - the wedding shawl I knitted for my sister.  It had taken me months and I had made sure there was not one mistake in it.  This is a photo:

But I didn't want my kids to see my disappointment and I also wanted them to understand that winning isn't everything so we focused on the lovely things all displayed throughout the exhibit and were happy for those who did garner ribbons.

When I got home, Cora tucked away into her play room and I sat down to decompress.  I eventually called her on to bed and when I did she brought me this.  How could I not consider myself the luckiest winner ever??

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Today was one of those "feel like I just can't keep up" days.  And then the girls and I got in the car to run an errand.

Milly:  Mom.  Dere is poop on your car. A bird pooped on your car.
Me:  Yes. Yes it did.
Milly: {Pause}  Can you wash your car mom?

But then tonight there was this.  Tonight Cora told me she wanted to sing a song for ME at bedtime... she wanted to make one up. So this what she came up with:

Rainbows say goodnight

It will always be alright
Cuz mommy is right here
You don't need to fear
Rainbows say goodnight