Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I think it was a year or two ago - after I had children - when I realized that what I'll be able to recount to my grandchildren will be no less historical than those that shared personal accounts of the attack on Pearl Harbor; than the actions of the Nazis; than Hiroshima. But year after year when this anniversary comes around, I find myself even more determined to remember the love from all Americans that came like a tidal wave to fill the gaping hole left at Ground Zero. Random Acts of Kindness were the new norm. Flags few on buildings, on poles, on fences, on cars. People held doors, and held their tongues. People smiled through tears and hugged complete strangers on the street. Even back then, in my 20s, I knew that Utopia wouldn't last forever. So I cherished it even more. And that is what I choose to remember about this date in history.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Cora is reading "chapter books now" and I told her I was so proud and that "you can learn anything now! Anything you want to learn, you can read about it." She said (quite seriously) "Yes. There is much to learn." This girl.