Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Cora: Mom - can I have this ice cream?
Me: Oh honey that's been in there a long time - it's probably expired.
Cora: Oh I don't care! I'll eat anything as long as it has sugar!
Truer words have never been spoken

Monday, August 18, 2014


Yesterday (the 17th) we went to an I-Cubs baseball game.  We got to enjoy box seats as we were there for a group function.  Milly needed to use the restroom so I took her on in.  There were two teenage girls in there - one waiting, one using the restroom.  Milly went on into a stall and informed me she needed her "privacies" so I stood outside the stall, holding the door shut for her.  When I thought she might be done, I called in "Milly - are you all done honey?"  To which she loudly replied "No Mom!  I have to get my poops out!" and then started to, very spiritedly (and loudly), try to poop.   The young girls (who were both at the counter by then) just looked embarrassed.  I just smiled.  I wanted to say "Look what you have to look forward to ladies!"

Friday, August 15, 2014


Tonight the girls wanted to switch rooms - Milly sleeping in Cora's room and vice versa. We decided to go all in, with each girl going through the other one's bedtime routine. It was eye opening and really nice! I got to sit up in bed to read to Milly like a big girl and I got to rock with Cora as I read her a "Little Critter" story in the recliner. It was nice to see Milly as a more independent little person and to remember that Cora is still a relatively little girl even though I forget that sometimes.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Ryan to the girls:  Daddy probably has a big ego I guess.  Some people have very BIG egos. And they can get hurt very easily.

Cora:  OH I know what an ego is. Its your privates!

(mom trying not to bust up laughing was a complete FAIL)