Saturday, December 13, 2014


Ryan was taking Boomer, our dog, out to walk through the tall grass to see if he could hunt up any pheasants - just walking/training.  As they were leaving Cora yells out "Bring home a dead bird!"  I looked at her with a "WTH" kind of look on my face.  Milly then chimed in (not to be outdone) with "Bring home a dead turkey! Then we can eat the dead turkey."  She then turned to look at me and said "Mom can you cook the dead turkey?"  I said "Honey.  Mommy gets her food at the STORE."  Not be swayed she said "Well I get mine from HUNTING and I'm going to eat a DEAD TURKEY!"

Friday, December 5, 2014


Milly: What do you want for your birfday mom?
Me: Just my family and hugs and kisses!
Milly: Do you want a real elephant but dead?
Me: Do I want a dead elephant for my birthday?
Milly: Yes!
Me: No!