Monday, December 28, 2015


After some cranky kids and a "mishap" with the new bouncy house, the girls got a STERN lecture on gratitude. Afterwards I heard Cora tell Milly:
"Milly, some kids out there don't even have ONE DOLL. All they have is a bag of sand. And this Christmas, all they had to look forward to is a new bag of sand!"

Bag of sand?  Ummm ok ... #HeartIsInTheRightPlace

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Milly: Ha Cora! I scared you!
Cora: You didn't scare me! You frightened me. There's a difference!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Me: Milly, where did you get that?
Milly: Back there, in the butt-less pantry.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Well we had it tonight:
Cora: Mom there is a kid at school who doesn't believe in Christmas.
Me: {thinking she means other religions} Well some people don't.
Cora: Yeah he says Elfs are just made by people out of cotton and that Santa is just your dad dressed up putting your stuff under the tree.
Me: {why that little bastard} Well, that's just silly. I mean dad doesn't even have a Santa Suit! 
Cora: I know! I'm glad I believe in Santa. I've always believed.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I picked Milly up from daycare yesterday just like any other day. Except, NOT just like any other day - Milly looked down and sad and didn't come running to me. NOT like every other day, Cora made a beeline for her sister and put her arm around her.  NOT like any other day, the daycare teacher made a beeline for ME.  With serious eyes, the teacher said:

Teacher:  We had a bit of an issue today with Milly {cue Milly starting to bawl}
Me:  Oh?  What happened?
T:  Welllll Mill was playing with the trains with another little boy.  And the boy was being a bit ornery and kept blocking Milly's train on the tracks.  Suddenly Milly looked at him and - you can tell she wasn't trying to be bad it just came out - but she said 'What the hell are you doing?!"

At that point I was trying very hard to be serious for Milly's benefit while inside thinking "damn right - tell him girl!"   So I assured we'd discuss "grown up words and kid words" once again.  The ride home was a very teary, sad ride on behalf of miss Milly.  Her punishment was that she had to personally tell her dad what she did once he got home.  That did not go over well.

So this morning, as I was leaving for work and Milly was getting ready to have her cereal, I gave her a hug and a kiss and quietly whispered "One bad word is not the end of the world".   After that, all was well and our happy Milly Moo tucked into her Cinnamon Toast Crunch happily ever after. :)

Monday, September 28, 2015


Ryan signed Cora up for a month-long volleyball intensive... over Cora's objections. At the time I was a little upset with Ryan for forcing this on her. BUT turns out, the parents have to practice WITH the kids so she and Ryan have had fun with that. And it turns out she's pretty doggone good. The coaches have been using her when they demonstrate something and the main coach (who is the retired HS VB coach) came over to Ryan this week and asked which of the two high schools in town Cora would be going to. Ryan told him and he said "Good. She'll be in good hands there. She's going to be one to beat. I hope she sticks with it." I was so proud my little heart about burst. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

An Open Letter to Milly

So.  Here we are again.  For me - round 2.  For you - the brand new chapter.  I've been here before - and so this time things aren't quite as intense for me, quite as scary, quite as new.  Things are much more mundane, and wrote.  The drop offs, the pick ups, the classroom schedules, the staff, the homework, the folders, the lunches, the rules.  And I can't help but wonder as I'm working on getting both you and your sister out the door and off to your first days - if you're getting shortchanged?  I often feel this way about you.  Everything with your sister was a true FIRST.  It was new, and novel, and sometimes scary (even for mom and dad).  But with you, even when we want things to be special, we have another little person to consider who is off and going in another direction.  There is precious little chance to give you 100% of our full attention.

Of course with that comes some good things too.  Nothing probably seems quite as scary to you, because sister did it, and lived to tell the tale.  Nothing seems quite so lonely to you, because sister will be there ready to swoop in and help out.  And again I wonder:  does this help to make you who you are?  My little leader, my fearless one, my laid back kid who isn't really afraid of much?  Probably some.

But you are your own person.  In your own time and your own way.  You and your sister are very different people.  And so from that sense, I fear that of all the lessons I've learned, few will grant me wisdom to help you out.  In a way, the "new" will come to us both while looking through the lens of your constitution.

So, in keeping true to our family dynamic, the morning was a cacophony of "do you have ____" and "did you remember _____", and "what do you need for ______" hollered throughout the house.  When we finally got out the door we were a little more harried than the last time I made this fateful trip.  But, again, in keeping with our family, sister took you by the hand and told you "Don't worry Milly, I'll tell you where you need to go and I'll be waiting for you after school".  And in true Milly fashion, you bopped up the walk anxious to get to the next "new" thing - to make new friends, fall in love with your new teacher, learn new skills,

We arrived early enough that you and sister had to go to the gym instead of directly to your classrooms.  I worried that all the chaos within would break your slightly frayed nerves when I looked down at your face and saw that look - the one where you were smiling but with the corners of your mouth turned down ever so slightly - indication that the smallest thing could put you over the edge to tears.  I let sister walk you in, and then I waited.  After a few minutes I carefully peered into the gym and found you.  You gave me a smile and a wave. I blew you a kiss.  And that was that.  You were off and running with friends, both old and new.

This has been your way since the day you joined our little family.  Full speed ahead, no fear, laughing all the way.  I hope kindergarten lives up to your dreams. I hope that smile is on your face way more often than tears on your cheeks. I hope you get time to shine and feel special.  In a nutshell, I hope you continue to discover, develop, and display YOU.  Because by nature or nurture (or a healthy combination of both), you're wonderful.  Just like your sister before you.  But you're your own "you" - and I can't wait to watch you fly.

Love, Mom.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Milly: Mom, did you know your blood is actually blue. It only turns red when it hits the ostrich. 

Monday, August 17, 2015


Milly: Dad, can I ride Boomer after breakfast?
Ryan: What? No. No you cannot ride the dog.
Milly: (disgusted) Why do we even HAVE a dog then?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Those tender moments as a mom. When you are spending some quiet snuggle time with your littlest, and she gently puts her forehead against yours and softly says "Mom - have you bwushed your teef yet?" *womp womp*

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Poor Milly had a bad afternoon. She had cleaned up her room, her closet, the basement, and the toy room - her dad said if she did, she'd get ice cream. BUT she hit her sister... so didn't get to go. That did NOT go over well. Poor thing sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Finally in between teary hiccups she said "Mom, I don't like the way the Earth goes!"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6-12-15 (Annual Kiddo Questionnaire)

Nicknames:  Coco, Cora Bora

How old are you?  8

What is your favorite color?  Aqua 

What is your favorite animal?  Horse!

What is your favorite book?  The BFG (by Roald Dahl)

What is your favorite TV show?  Maiko Mermaids

What is your favorite movie? Pocahontas

What is your favorite song? Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

What is your favorite food? Egg Noodles with curry and butter

What is your favorite drink?  Dr Pepper

What is your favorite breakfast food? Waffles with blueberry on top and whipped cream

What is your favorite snack? Oreo snack paks

What is your favorite outfit?  Short sleeved shirt and shorts and sneakers (no dresses!)

What is your favorite game?  Tag

What is your favorite toy? The egg in the pot (some "hatch a turtle" thing in water)

Who is your best friend?  Isabelle and Alli

What is your favorite thing to do?  Do horseback lessons

What is your favorite thing to do outside?   Chase Boomer

What is your favorite holiday? My Birthday! or Christmas

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?   My horse (embarassed)

Where is your favorite place to go?  Paris

What is your favorite restaurant?  Hibachi

Where do you want to go on vacation?  Paris

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Horse trainer

What do you want to do on your birthday?  Ride horses

What do you like about Mommy? Her love

What do you like about Daddy?  His love

Nicknames:   Milly (Milly Moo, Silly Milly, Mills, General Mills, etc etc)

How old are you? 5!

What is your favorite color?  Aqua and purple

What is your favorite animal? Beavers cuz they're tiny an cute

What is your favorite book?  Bad Kitty

What is your favorite TV show? Dog with a blog

What is your favorite movie?  Book of Life

What is your favorite song?  All the Pretty Ponies (lullabye)

What is your favorite food?  Hot Dogs and french fries

What is your favorite drink? Juice so I won't get rabbit poops

What is your favorite breakfast food?  Frosting bars (cereal bars)

What is your favorite snack?  Fruit snacks

What is your favorite outfit?  Pink Maxi dress like Aunt Renee and My dress that is red with white spots on it that isn't very fat (??)

What is your favorite game?  The one with people in it that you set a lot of stuff with cities (?? - Disney Infinity)

What is your favorite toy? Mermaid Barbies

Who is your best friend?  Jacob and Amelia

What is your favorite thing to do?  My microphone back there (karaoke)

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play on the playset we have

What is your favorite holiday?  Summer

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?   The unicorn, kitty and that little tiny puppy

Where is your favorite place to go? McDonalds with the Playland!

What is your favorite restaurant? The place with the cooker right there (Hibachi )

Where do you want to go on vacation?  Adventureland and Disney World and Montana for Aunt Renee and Uncle Travis' wedding

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A mom

What did you do on your birthday?  Eat cake!

What do you like about Mommy?  That you say that you love me and you give me smooches!

What do you like about Daddy?  That he makes me yummy stuff and that he loves me too and he hugs me goodnight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hubby goes off to grocery store. Tucked two little girls into bed. 
8:00: Lots of giggling, whispering, etc. Got on the monitor, told them to shush and go to bed.
8:10: Small one announces she "cannot get all her sillies out". Got on the monitor, told her she needed to tell each body part starting with her toes, goodnight.
8:15: Big one yells that little one needs me. I go up there. Little one wants a drink of water. I tell her to go get said water and get right back in bed. I go back downstairs.
8:30: Big one says she has "something very important" she needs to tell me. I get on the monitor and tell her it had better be good. She informs me that she told her teacher she would be bringing treats to celebrate her summer b-day on the last day of school. Tomorrow is the last day of school. *facepalm* I call said hubby and he is pulling into our driveway as he answers. He brings in all the groceries, gets back in the car, goes back to the store and gets said treats. I get on the monitor, tell Big one she is a VERY lucky girl who has a VERY nice dad. I tell both girls that I had better not hear a peep from them unless its an emergency.
8:35: Small one tells me she has an emergency - she needs to go to the bathroom. I give up and get the bottle of wine.


Milly: I am NOT in the mood!
Ryan: Oh you most certainly are in a mood alright!
Milly:  EXCUSE ME?

Monday, May 11, 2015


Cora drew a picture of prom (she's already asking me about it) showing she and Milly dancing "with boys".  grin emoticon And I told her that she and Milly would likely not be able to go to prom together. I told her the only chance would be if, when she's a senior, one of her guy friends would ask Milly to prom (Milly would be a freshman). Cora says "What if he doesn't want to ask her?" "I said well of course he will - she's adorable!" To which Milly replied "Cora - I mean just look at my face." No self esteem issues here thank goodness!! wink emoticon

Monday, April 27, 2015


I was showing Milly my nails today (I did them after she went to bed last night) and she grabbed my fingers to do "this little piggy" with them. But this is how her version went:
This little piggy went to Target 
This little piggy went home
This little piggy had Starbucks
This little piggy had none
This little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.

My child. No doubt.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Conversation in the car:
Milly: There's the house with the rat in the window well
Me: Was it dead?
Cora: Yeah we could see it's face
Milly: Yeah it was dead so it can't kill us. 
Cora: Well, Milly, rats can't kill us. They're not poisonous. Now rattlesnakes are poisonous. That's why we don't go into the rainforest. Rattlesnakes live in the rainforest. 
Milly: I think there's a family of rattlesnakes in our attic but I'm not sure. 

SLG was having a think when I tucked her in. She said "Mom - I don't really like being alone anymore. If I get scared, can I come in your room?" I said "Well first, just holler for me - you know I have this camera in your room so I can always know if you need me." She agreed and went off to bed. A bit later I heard something in her room so turned on the camera and saw her sitting up. I said "Everything ok sweetheart?" She said "Yeah mom - just getting a drink of water." I said "Ok. ... You know I'm always with you, right?" She answered "Yes, because you're my mom! Love you mom. Goodnight." heart emoticon My heart is full.

Monday, March 16, 2015


And so it happened. Every night Cora wants me to scratch her back before bed. Some nights I'd secretly get annoyed with it. Tonight - she said no. She told me "I just think I'm getting to old for that mom. I mean someday I'm going to have live on my own and you won't be there. I may as well start getting ready." cry emoticon Then she added "Annnnnd I'm probably being a bit dramatic."

Monday, February 9, 2015


One of the many differences between child #1 and child #2: Kindergarten Registration: 

Child #1: you fill out all the forms weeks ahead of time carefully filling in the "what more do we need to know about your child" section. You have the emergency contact sheet, doctors forms, and birth certificate copy ready to go. You attend the registration meeting, take notes, volunteer for things, and drop off your carefully prepared registration packet. 

Child #2: you remember, the week before, that registration time is probably coming up. You print out the forms, curse how many there are, and put them off. You finally fill them in a bit half-assed. You leave the "what more do we need to know about your child" blank because frankly they'll find out soon enough. You forget about the birth certificate copy until the last minute (where IS that thing anyway??). You skip the in person registration meeting and fail to email the papers the next morning figuring you'll get to it sometime the following week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Me: Did you have a good day today?
Milly: Yes. We got to do centers extra long today.
Me: What's your favorite center?
Milly: Art. Do you know why art is my favorite center?
Me: Why?
Milly: Because I'm an artist.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Milly last night: Mom I would like a new sister. One who will be funny with me and kind to me when I'm being selfish. Not my old sister. She's not.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Milly:  Mom, I can't see any stars tonight. Its because they're all playing hide and seek I think.  And the moon is "it".

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Things you don't want to hear hollered down from your 4 year old #613: "We're teaching the cat to swim, Mom!!"