Monday, February 9, 2015


One of the many differences between child #1 and child #2: Kindergarten Registration: 

Child #1: you fill out all the forms weeks ahead of time carefully filling in the "what more do we need to know about your child" section. You have the emergency contact sheet, doctors forms, and birth certificate copy ready to go. You attend the registration meeting, take notes, volunteer for things, and drop off your carefully prepared registration packet. 

Child #2: you remember, the week before, that registration time is probably coming up. You print out the forms, curse how many there are, and put them off. You finally fill them in a bit half-assed. You leave the "what more do we need to know about your child" blank because frankly they'll find out soon enough. You forget about the birth certificate copy until the last minute (where IS that thing anyway??). You skip the in person registration meeting and fail to email the papers the next morning figuring you'll get to it sometime the following week.

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