Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hubby goes off to grocery store. Tucked two little girls into bed. 
8:00: Lots of giggling, whispering, etc. Got on the monitor, told them to shush and go to bed.
8:10: Small one announces she "cannot get all her sillies out". Got on the monitor, told her she needed to tell each body part starting with her toes, goodnight.
8:15: Big one yells that little one needs me. I go up there. Little one wants a drink of water. I tell her to go get said water and get right back in bed. I go back downstairs.
8:30: Big one says she has "something very important" she needs to tell me. I get on the monitor and tell her it had better be good. She informs me that she told her teacher she would be bringing treats to celebrate her summer b-day on the last day of school. Tomorrow is the last day of school. *facepalm* I call said hubby and he is pulling into our driveway as he answers. He brings in all the groceries, gets back in the car, goes back to the store and gets said treats. I get on the monitor, tell Big one she is a VERY lucky girl who has a VERY nice dad. I tell both girls that I had better not hear a peep from them unless its an emergency.
8:35: Small one tells me she has an emergency - she needs to go to the bathroom. I give up and get the bottle of wine.


Milly: I am NOT in the mood!
Ryan: Oh you most certainly are in a mood alright!
Milly:  EXCUSE ME?

Monday, May 11, 2015


Cora drew a picture of prom (she's already asking me about it) showing she and Milly dancing "with boys".  grin emoticon And I told her that she and Milly would likely not be able to go to prom together. I told her the only chance would be if, when she's a senior, one of her guy friends would ask Milly to prom (Milly would be a freshman). Cora says "What if he doesn't want to ask her?" "I said well of course he will - she's adorable!" To which Milly replied "Cora - I mean just look at my face." No self esteem issues here thank goodness!! wink emoticon