Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Well we had it tonight:
Cora: Mom there is a kid at school who doesn't believe in Christmas.
Me: {thinking she means other religions} Well some people don't.
Cora: Yeah he says Elfs are just made by people out of cotton and that Santa is just your dad dressed up putting your stuff under the tree.
Me: {why that little bastard} Well, that's just silly. I mean dad doesn't even have a Santa Suit! 
Cora: I know! I'm glad I believe in Santa. I've always believed.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I picked Milly up from daycare yesterday just like any other day. Except, NOT just like any other day - Milly looked down and sad and didn't come running to me. NOT like every other day, Cora made a beeline for her sister and put her arm around her.  NOT like any other day, the daycare teacher made a beeline for ME.  With serious eyes, the teacher said:

Teacher:  We had a bit of an issue today with Milly {cue Milly starting to bawl}
Me:  Oh?  What happened?
T:  Welllll Mill was playing with the trains with another little boy.  And the boy was being a bit ornery and kept blocking Milly's train on the tracks.  Suddenly Milly looked at him and - you can tell she wasn't trying to be bad it just came out - but she said 'What the hell are you doing?!"

At that point I was trying very hard to be serious for Milly's benefit while inside thinking "damn right - tell him girl!"   So I assured we'd discuss "grown up words and kid words" once again.  The ride home was a very teary, sad ride on behalf of miss Milly.  Her punishment was that she had to personally tell her dad what she did once he got home.  That did not go over well.

So this morning, as I was leaving for work and Milly was getting ready to have her cereal, I gave her a hug and a kiss and quietly whispered "One bad word is not the end of the world".   After that, all was well and our happy Milly Moo tucked into her Cinnamon Toast Crunch happily ever after. :)