Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I had seen a beautiful senior picture of a young lady who was wearing a lovely ball gown - but sitting in a crouch with her shin guards and cleats on (from softball). I took the photo and sent it to Cora (who, for some reason, loves to play dress up at home but refuses to wear them to school) and told her "You don't have to be one thing in this life. You can be all the things you want to be - all at once". She sent me this back this morning (as it was their late start day and she was snoozing when I left) with the comment "I'll be me but in many ways".  *love*

ETA: Here is the lovely young lady's photo I sent her.  If anyone knows how to give her proper credit (and her photographer) please let me know!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


{I regularly bake Challah on the weekends. It is my favorite bread and makes the house smell amazing. Today Milly decided to help me when it came time to roll and braid the dough}

Milly:  I think I know how to make bread now and I'll make it for my kids when I'm a mom.  When I'm a grandma I'll make it too.  {After some thought...}  But I think I'll adopt kids. I don't want to actually have them.  Is that ok?

Me:  That's wonderful!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Milly: I ALWAYS never give up, and I always do the best I can to do whatever I want.