Thursday, October 6, 2016


This morning I had a tiny girl who didn't want mommy to leave for work. Like REALLY didn't. Once I could finally gently peel her off of me she ran ahead of me to the garage, got in the car (in her jammies and bedhead), buckled herself into her seat and told me she was going to work with me! I envisioned a screaming match in the driveway with me literally trying to yank her out of the car - not how I wanted my (or her) morning to start.
SO - I just said "ok" and backed out of the driveway. As I drove away from the house I said "Your friends and Mrs. Scheneden are sure going to miss you today." (pause) " OH and Meme is supposed to pick you up from school today - you'll miss going to the Dollar Store." (pause) "Oh shoot! Daddy was heating up your muffin as I was leaving - it'll get all cold. And we don't get snacktime at work. Oh and I have that big long meeting today. Yuck." I waited a bit just driving... then said "Maybe we should turn back huh?" She agreed, I turned around, dropped her off with a hug and that was that. So.... maybe I'm 10 mins late to work today but c'est la vie.

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