Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Wednesday is "late start" day in our district so the girls get an extra hour of sleep. SLG always wants me to wake her up before I go to work for a quick hug, but I'm often torn since she can usually use the extra snooze time. This morning I was running late trying to get dinner in the crock pot before I left, so I was sneaking off to work in the quiet dark. I was just getting my stuff into the car and had one foot into the driver's seat when I saw little Cindy Lou Who in the doorway with the light from the mudroom behind her - her Little Mermaid short sleeve/shorts jammies on - and rumpled hair backlit every which way. Unlike her namesake, this Cindy Lou Who did not have such a placid disposition and huge tears were falling down a dismayed face. Stalling for time I said "Mills - what are you doing? What's wrong?" She said "You're leaving without hugging me!" And in true Grinch-like quick thinking I said "Oh honey - I'm just putting my stuff in the car - I was coming RIGHT NOW to hug you!!" After I ran back to the mudroom, shut the door and gave big hugs, Cindy Lou wandered back upstairs and back to bed. Whew. I wonder if my heart grew three sizes this morning?